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Everything You Need To Know About The Best Tattoo Numbing Cream

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Over the years, the hype of tattoo numbing cream has increased a lot. While some say the cream works like magic, others oppose it. But which statement is correct? Are all numbing creams safe and effective? Is there any guideline to use it on the skin? If all these questions are weaving inside your mind all well, this blog is a must-read for you! Here, we will discuss all the ins and outs of the best tattoo numbing creamavailable in the market, how to choose one according to your skin type, and the most accurate process of applying it. So with no more delay, let's jump into the topic!

What Does the Best Tattoo Numbing Cream Do?

A numbing cream basically works as local anaesthesia on your skin to make skin treatment and dermal procedures less painful. However, depending on the ingredients these products change the way they work. Depending on the type and ingredient, the numbing solutions work in two ways, they include:

Numbs Upper Layer Of The Skin

Most organic numbing creams are are designed to numb only the upper layer of skin and not the depeer layers. This is solely for the safety of the users. So you cannot expect to feel complete numbness. The pain dulls out for sure but a slight pinching pain will be there.

Blocks Pain Signal To Reach Brain

There are a few types of numbing creams that work by blocking the pain signals to reach the brain. These organic numbing ingredient-based numbing solutions basically block impulses to reach your brain which dulls the intensity of pain.

Top 3 Things To Look For While Buying Tattooing Numbing Cream

Choose According To Active Ingredient

With the rising demand for numbing creams, several new brands are manufacturing low-quality products with synthetic chemicals in the market. So be very cautious while choosing a tattoo numbing cream from any online store.

In this matter, you can evaluate a product on the basis of a major protocol. This involves organic active ingredients which are lab tested and meet the safety standards set by yout state.

Non-Greasy Formula

Creams can be icky stuff to apply on your skin, regardless of their type and use. A greasy numbing ointment can affect your tattooing process especially when residue remains on you. Besides, a greasy product takes several minutes to absorb in your skin to show quick effect. So go for a non-greasy product while choosing the best tattoo numbing cream. A less greasy and icky product can keep your skin firm to get a tattoo as planned.

pH less than 7

According to professionals, a numbing ointment with less than a pH level of 7 is best and should be used before tattooing. Actually, alkaline agents are known to alter the surface properties of the skin. So numbing ointments with a pH of more than 7 can alter the pigment and ultimately the tattoo’s color.

4 Steps To apply numbing Cream

Step 1: In the first step, consider washing the area with soap to keep your skin dry and pH neutral. Research proved that pH-neutral skin gets a better numbing effect.

Step 2: After cleaning and drying the area you need to apply the best tattoo numbing cream and wait at least 30 minutes for the cream to show the result.

Step 3: Once you feel the area is numb, inform your tattoo artist and wait for the tattooing process

Step 4: organic numbing ingredient-based numbing ointment doesn't last very long, so use the numbing spray every 20 minutes gap during the spray.

Tattoos hurt! It can be much more painful when you get tattoos on a sensitive part of your body. And the only thing that can help you mitigate such issues is the best tattoo numbing cream. Now if you are thinking of buying tattoo numbing cream, organic numbing ingredient-based numbing cream, or any cheapest numbing cream, and the best numbing cream for piercings visit our official website now.

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